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Based in Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu, VVS is one of India's largest manufacturers of sesame oil. VVS helps customers maintain a healthy lifestyle with their chemical free, pure and natural products.

The company's vision is to maintain and establish the true value of our traditional food products which are amongst the most healthiest and most suited for our physical and climatic conditions. To acheive this goal, the company selectively pursues oppurtunities to rapidly expand its portfolio of natural food...

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For South Indian
Traditional Cooking

V.V.S.& SONS was founded by Mr. V V Shunmuga Nadar in 1939.The company is Based at Virudhunagar Tamilnadu, India. During the time of launch the facility and equipment for manufacture were totally dependent on manual labor in spite of which VVS established an extra ordinary system for producing consistent quality of sesame oil, making it very popular and thus establishing a brand name.

The company has to date more than 55 years of experience in this field, it's equipments and facilities for manufacture are constantly being upgraded to maintain the hygene and quality. New product lines such as natural Peanut Oil, natural health drink, Spiritual Oil and Idly Powder have also been developed and launched.

All products are developed to high standards of Quality while maintaining the original flavour, aroma and maintaining it's natural properties.

As per our constant expansion program, we are looking for Dealers and Distributors or other options to spread our presence throughout the world. We urge you not to miss this privilege invitation to represent us as our distributor.