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       Sesame Oil Massage - Sesame Oil Massage Procedure

When To Massage
It is recommended that the oil massage be done in the morning before you take a warm bath or shower. Preferably allow the oil to be absorbed by the skin for 20 minutes before taking your shower or bath. This gives it time to loosen and draw out impurities through the skin.

Oils To Use
Generally, sesame oil is recommended because of its special qualities. Unprocessed, cold-pressed sesame oil of the kind sold in health shops and some supermarkets is the recommended type, as it is prepared differently from other types, such as the sesame oil processed differently and used for cooking. FW-predominant people may prefer to use coconut oil in summer, because of its cooling effect, which might be more welcome, particularly in warmer weather. It is suggested that FW-predominant people first try sesame oil before using coconut oil.

How To 'Cure' Sesame Oil
Sesame oil should first be 'cured' before being used for body massage. Cured oil penetrates the skin more effectively. Curing is easily done by simply pouring your newly-purchased sesame oil into a saucepan and heating it on a low heat to 100C, the boiling point of water. You can tell when it has reached this temperature by first adding one or two drops of water to the cold oil in the open saucepan. Then start heating the oil gradually. When the water crackles for a short time, the oil is ready and can be removed from the heat and allowed to cool down. Take proper safety precautions when curing your oil:

  • Don't leave the room while it is on the heat; and use low heat;
  • Remove it from the heat when the water crackles;
  • Allow it to cool out of the reach of children;
  • Make sure it has cooled right through before pouring it back into its original container, particularly if it is a plastic one.

Warming the Oil for Use
Before you begin your massage, dispense a little oil (about 50 ml or less) into a small container which you can place in a bowl or jug of very hot water in order to allow the oil to be warmed up to skin temperature or a little warmer (but not uncomfortably hot). Alternatively, you can place the oil bottle into a larger vessel containing hot water, and let it stand there for a while until it is warm. Once it is warm, you are ready to begin your massage.

Where To Do Your Massage
People usually prefer to do their massage in the bathroom, and it is advisable to take precautions against any oil spillage or splashing that might take place. Also, in winter you might like to warm the room first with a heater, but do not have a heater on in the bathroom if there is any running hot water or steam present, as this could be dangerous in terms of possible electric shock.

How To Do The Massage
You will obviously need to be completely undressed for the oil massage. First apply a light film of oil to your entire body, using your open palm, to allow as much time as possible for the skin to absorb the oil.

Next, using your open hand again, begin to massage your head with small circular strokes over the entire scalp. Spend more time on your head area (and your feet when you get there) than on other parts of your body. As you move down to other areas of your body, use circular movements of massage over the rounded areas and joints (e.g: shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees, as well as chest, heart and abdomen), and long back-and-forth strokes over the long bones and straight areas (e.g.: neck, upper and lower arms, thighs and calves).

  • After the scalp, massage your outer ears and face more gently than your scalp, adding a little extra oil as necessary as you move from one area to another.
  • Continue on down your entire body:
  • Front and back of neck Long strokes
  • Upper back - Shoulders Circular
  • Arms (more vigorous) Long strokes
  • Elbows Circular
  • Chest and heart Circular, gentle
  • Abdomen Circular, gentle clockwise motion, from lower right up through to lower left, to gently massage intestines
  • Legs More vigorous
  • Hips, knees, ankles Circular
  • Thighs, calves Long strokes
  • Feet, especially soles Vigorous, with palms
  • Keep yourself warm.

After 20 minutes, have a warm (not too hot) bath or shower to rinse off the impurities brought out by the oil. If time permits, a long soak in a warm (not too hot) bath will be good, especially for SA body-types.

Short-cut Oil Massage
If time really does not permit the full massage, it is better to do a short-cut massage rather than miss the massage altogether. A short-cut massage can be done in one or two minutes once the oil has been warmed.

Just concentrate on the head and feet:
Outer ears: Gently, but thoroughly
Forehead: From side to side
Temples, gently: Circular motion
Neck, back and front: As before
Feet: soles, with palms: Vigorously -- toes, with fingers: Easily
Sit calmly for a few minutes while the oil gets absorbed, or wear thick socks while you take a few minutes to prepare for your shower, bath or to shave.

Massaging With Awareness:
Besides the physical benefits of the massage, other benefits can be derived too, if you do the massage with awareness on your body and in the right frame of mind. Each massage can become an important opportunity for you to get more in touch with your body and your skin, in a way that you can 'befriend' that part of you which works unfailingly and with such absolute dedication and purpose, day and night, to re-establish balance so that you can function efficiently and evolve towards the goal of all goals, bliss. By befriending your body in this way, you will learn to be more tuned to its needs, which in reality are your needs, and to respond to its signals which tell you what to do in order to restore your whole being to a state of balance, comfort, energy, buoyancy, and joy