Founder - Shri VV Shanmuga Nadar

About us

In 1939, Shri V V Shanmuga Nadar, a pioneer of his times founded VVS ans Sons. During those times we used manual labour to manufacture sesame oil. In our journey of more than eight decades we have discovered and implemented various ingenious methodologies.

Our VVS oil mill have undergone sea changes to match up with the growing times. We have been efficient enough to maintain the quality, aroma and flavour as good as it was in the initial stage. For instance, we have always had very high standards of hygiene and retention of natural properties of the sesame oil. In other words, this helped us maintain the consistency, authenticity of flavour and quality of oil. Which in turn made us, VVS a brand name, popular in most households. 

Above all, VVS has always had the intention to manufacture products which are beneficial for our customers and can do value-addition to their lifestyles. This has been our motto right from inception and continues till date.

Therefore, keeping that in mind we have successfully added a few more products in our line of manufacture like VVS Provita Energy Food (Sattu Maavu), VVS Tirupthi Idly Podi, VVS Jyothi Holy Oil, VVS Tirupthi Sesame seeds, VVS Tirupthi Kasthuri Manjal. Thus would like to expand our network by joining hands with new dealers and distributors.

In conclusion, we at VVS truly believe that customers are responsible for the success of any organization. Our workforce and experienced team are solely responsible for the growth and success of the organization.

    Our Vision

A strong believer in a 360-degree approach towards a healthier world, we stand by our promise of giving the best in sesame oils and all our food products for our customers.

 We aspire to achieve long lasting business relationship with our customers based on strong ethics. This has helped us, VVS, as a company have established ourselves as a renowned manufacturer of Cold pressed Sesame oil in India. We are gaining a foothold in exporting natural sesame seed products at competitive affordable prices at the best quality. This is the reason our products have become quite popular across India and overseas too

Our Promise

To transform into a national and global organization by enriching people’s lives through healthy products without losing the personal touch and our commitment to value addition.

VVS Classic Chekku Oil (Cold Pressed Sesame Oil, Nallaennai)