How to use VVS Classic Chekku Oil in your haircare routine

Classic Chekku Oil as haircare
The below article can come as a shock because Cold pressed Chekku/Sesame oil is one of the most underrated product, which works in wonderful ways to help the hair be its best self.

Classic chekku oil as haircare – Now let us look into what makes cold pressed chekku oil so wonderful.

Sesame Oil to treat Hair Loss:
Adding nutrients can help prevent or reduce hair loss and hair thinning. Following are the types of nutrients found in sesame seeds:
· vitamin B-1
· calcium
· copper
· phosphorus
· iron
· magnesium
· manganese
· zinc

Sesame Oil to Treat Dandruff:
VVS Classic Cold pressed Chekku oil has some properties. As a result, if applied to a clean scalp, will help the skin stay moisturized. This can help to prevent and treat scalp dryness, flaking, and itching.

Hair mask recipe:

Here is how you treat your hair and scalp with a pure sesame oil mask:
· Pour a small amount of gingelly oil into a glass bowl. That is about 2 to 3 tablespoons.
· Then warm the oil very slightly in the microwave. This should be for only about 10 to 15 seconds.
· For the next step, use your fingers to gently massage the oil into your scalp. For instance, begin at your hairline and continue to the back of your scalp.

Now that the first step is over, cover your hair with the remainder of the oil, especially the ends of the hair that may be drier. Make sure to cover your hair with a towel or shower cap. The previous step is to preserve the heat and moisture that escapes the scalp. After that let the sesame oil mask stay in your hair for at least 1 hour. Later can wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as normal.

As a result of this mask, you can immediately feel a smooth and shinier hair after just one use.
Use VVS Classic Chekku Oil for the best results. Thus you can find Classic Chekku oil as haircare is such an easy and healthy routine, that anyone can follow.