Cumin Rice Recipe


Rice 1 cup
Garlic 10 to 15 flakes
Preserved chillies 5 or 6 (vatral)
Cumin seeds 1 ½ tea spoons
Black pepper ¾ tea spoons
Salt as required
VVS Sesame Oil


  • Cook rice and allow it to cool thoroughly.
  • Separate the grains and mix half a tea spoon of ghee to that.
  • Peel garlic and slice into thin round pieces. Pound pepper and cumin seeds coarsely.
  • Heat oil add garlic pieces and fry till light bown. Add broken preserved chillies and fry till it becomes black (can be roasted separately)
  • Add pepper cumin powder and fry in ghee for another two minutes.
  • Pour over rice, add salt, mix well and serve.
  • Preserved chillies (more milagai in tamil.)
Gingelli oil can be used for salads which helps to retain the crispness of the vegetables

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