Nasilamah Malasian Rice Recipe


Basmathi rice 1 Cup
Gingelly Oil
2 Table spoons
Coconut extract 2 Cups
Salt as required
Big Onion 1 diced
Fresh Pine apple ½ cup diced
Grated carrots 2 Table spoons
Grated cucumber 2 Table spoons
Grated raw mango 2 Table spoons
Grind together
Big Onion 1
Red chillies 7


  • Soak rice for 10 minutes. Grind onions and red chillies to a smooth paste and mix with coconut extract.
  • Pressure cook rice in this coconut extract. Squeeze grated cucumber to remove extra water.
  • Peel outer skin from mangoes and then grate it.
  • When the rice is cooked and still hot add grated vegetables and pine apple pieces with enough salt and oil. Mix gently and serve, immediately.

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