VVS Classic Cheku Oil vs. Other Oils: Which is Better?

Not all oils are created equally

What is the difference between VVS Classic Chekku oil and other refined oil:

‘Not all oils are created equally’. How do we know that?
Whether you use sesame oil or any kind of oil for cooking, they are all produced in either of the two ways. You might not be able to tell the difference while cooking or while tasting food, but the two distinct methods of production are:

1) Cold pressed method of extraction.
2) Hot pressed/refined method of extraction.

These 2 methods end up becoming completely different finished products.

How does the production method vary?

The first difference between the two types of oil: The method used for extraction.
Cold pressing,
1) Oil extracted is at room temperature (27 degrees).
2) At this temperature the acid value is relatively low. This means that there is no need for any refinement.

Hot pressing,
1) Involves extracting oil at high temperatures. This causes the acid value rises significantly.
2) Now due to the higher acidic value the refined oil loses most of its natural quality.

How does the production method affect the composition of the oil?

VVS Classic Chekku oil cold pressed oil helps retains most of its natural physiological and chemical properties and most importantly its original taste.

Unlike cold pressed oil, hot pressed refined oil retains little of its natural composition. The high temperatures change the chemical structure of oil to a great extent. Therefore, a lot of important substances like vitamin E, sterols, and carotenoids lose their natural structure. This causes them to become harmful to our health with prolonged usage.

On the other hand, hot pressed oil smells good. Especially when extracted from the seeds of oily plants like sesame.

Which is better? Cold pressed Oil or Hot pressed/Refined Oil?

From a health perspective, cold pressed sesame oil is is the clear winner. Hot pressed oils undergo oxidization. This can cause various complications like cancer and inflammation with prolonged usage.

Moreover, a lot of healthy compounds will lost from the oils while hot pressing. Whereas in cold pressing, all beneficial compounds will be retained its natural form. Thus making it the most healthier choice.

Another important factor that makes cold pressed oils a better choice is that it involves no refinement. Unlike hot pressed oils which are refined to improve taste and acidic content.

Thus we can safely conclude that ‘Not all oils are created equally‘.

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