Raw rice ½ Cup
Urad dhal ½ Cup
Grated jaggery 2 Cups
Water 2 Cups
V.V.S. Gingelli Oil 2Tbl. Sps.
Ghee 2 Tbl.sps.


  • Dry roast urad lightly, mix it with rice and powder it in a mill.
  • Sift and then measure the flour.
  • Pour measured water with jaggery and heat until it dissolves completely.
  • Strain the jaggery solution, wash the vessel and pour it back in that vessel.
  • Add gingelli oil in it and heat again.
  • When it starts boiling pour the flour as a heap in the center, reduce the flame completely, insert a ladle in it and close with a lid.
  • Cook for 7 to 10 minutes in completely reduced flame.
  • Take out from fire and mix it quickly without forming lumps.
  • Allow to cool lightly add ghee, mix well, prepare medium sized balls and serve.

Note: In south India girls when they attain puberty for strengthening uterus this kali is given, everyday for few days. For the same reason immediately when they attain puberty a small cup of gingelli oil is given to them to drink. (The Combination of jaggery, urad and gingelli oil gives good quality protein, Iron which helps to strengthen uterus.)