VVS Tirupthi Idli Podi

VVS Tirupthi Idli Podi is made with the best, clean and fresh urad dal, chana dal, sesame seeds, red chillies, asafoetida (hing) and salt. It gives out a nice nutty taste with an amazing aroma of the fresh lentils. The red chillies add hot flavour and the dash of hing enhances its sharpness.


Idli Podi is known by different names such as Milagai Podi, Gun powder, Chutney podi. It is a flavourful generic condiment in the South Indian cuisine. VVS idli podi can be enjoyed with idly, dosa or even plain steamed rice with generous dose of VVS Classic Chekku Oil (Cold pressed sesame oil)/ghee (clarified butter).


One can also add VVS Idli Podi to any simple and easy dish to make it exotic. For instance, it can be added to semolina upma, semiya upma etc. Tirupthi idli podi is as good as the homemade one of your mother’s!

VVS Tirupthi Idli Podi (Milagai Podi, gun powder, chutney podi) Spicy, Homemade, organic, traditional, healthy

Health Benefits of VVS Tirupthi Idli Podi

  1. Urud Dal – Is rich in fibre, which is known improve our digestion & bone health, Strengthens nervous system, Helps manage diabetes, Good for skin & hair.

  2. Chana Dal – Is an excellent source of vegetarian protein, Rich in magnesium thus improves insulin response, Is diabetics friendly, Is cholestrol free and aids in weight loss.

  3. Sesame Seeds – Triggers hair growth, Contains anti-ageing properties, Boosts skin & dental health and digestion, High source of unsaturated fats.

  4. Red Chillies – Rich source of Vitamin C, Prevents heart ailments. Burns calories; A compound called capsaicin in red chili increases the body’s metabolism rate that directly burns down calories.

  5. Asafoetida – Helps Reduce Bloating, Lowers Blood Pressure Levels

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